Sunday, April 13, 2008

How the Bible Came to Be

Long ago our church magazine published a series of articles by Lenet H. Read about how the Bible came to be. I thought they were wonderful, so wanted to share those links. Note, these are written with an LDS audience in mind.
How the Bible came to be Part 1
How the Bible came to be Part 2
How the Bible came to be Part 3
How the Bible came to be Part 4
How the Bible came to be Part 5
How the Bible came to be Part 6
How the Bible came to be Part 7
How the Bible came to be Part 8


Livingsword said...

Hi D!

I do believe I have already read these article…Yes I regularly wade thru the Mormon pages, I actually passed a link on to its front page awhile ago…

Would you write an article on this topic with your own words, you are eminently readable….

Would you consider doing the same on all the other LDS scripture?

May I ask one question, it is of courtesy, do you prefer to be called LDS, Mormon or it doesn’t matter?

Delirious said...

I have to admit, that I don't know if I have the energy to tackle the topic of how the bible came to be lol. To me, these articles were written in this many segments for a's a big topic! lol I might consider doing this with other LDS scripture though, but once again, it's a big topic. I have lately been thinking that I need to shorten my posts because I think it is discouraging to read long posts. Most people want to snack, not eat a full meal. lol

In recent years, the Church has asked media to refer to us as LDS because the term "Mormon" made some people believe we weren't Christian. To me however, the word Mormon is pretty much universally known, so I don't mind being called Mormon, and often refer to myself as Mormon. But I do understand why the church wants to get away from that nickname. I do need to have a talk with Max about her use of the term LSD. ;D lol