Sunday, September 7, 2008

Go to the Source

Recently a friend of mine made some claims that our church had some erroneous beliefs that in fact we don't have. I questioned him on it, and told him that it is possible a church member made those statements, but that I knew that it could not be actual church policy. He went back and found that the information he had been reading had been generated from a fundamentalist splinter group of the church, not from us. I'm not sure why, but our church has been the target of some of the most malicious efforts to malign and misinform.

Some years ago, some representatives from another church came by my house and talked to me. When they found out that I am LDS, they promptly offered me a pamphlet that included information about our church. Out of curiousity I took the pamphlet and after they left, I started to read it. I was shocked to find that their church had printed incorrect information about our church. I couldn't help but wonder why a church, that obviously believes in being Christlike, would not check their sources better before printing misinformation. Was this a deliberate attempt to malign us? Possibly, but I think it was more of a act of carelessness.

One of the things that I have always appreciated about a fellow blogger, Looney, is that he has the desire to go to the source for information instead of hearing what others have to say about certain religions. As I have seen what is being published by other faiths on the internet about my religion, I appreciate even more those who come to a church member for their information. I can't tell you how upsetting it can be to see out- right lies, or subtle "taking out of context" that is twisted for the purpose of maligning our faith. It really makes one wonder who, after all, is inspiring their efforts. I have talked about this before, but do you know how much money our church spends every year to combat other religions? ZERO, nada, zilch. We have enough work to do trying to spread the gospel and take care of our own duties to worry about what other faiths believe. In addition, one of our articles of faith states, "We claim the privilege of worshipping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men, the same privilege. Let them worship how, where, or what they may." (that was from memory, so I hope I got the punctuation right)

I am offering you here a chance to learn about our religion in a non-threatening environment. No question is out of reason for me. I do not claim to be an expert, but I have at my disposal many resources to give answers according to what church authorities have taught. If you have any questions at all, please ask me. Please don't go to a website that will try to paint us as non-Christian, or in other non christlike ways. I am willing to answer your questions here, and give you accurate information. Ask away!

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Looney said...

Thanks for that remark. I must admit that I have parroted things that I heard from others in the past, only to find out that it was garbage later. Certainly my behavior has not always been so honorable, and I will probably do some stupid things in the future. For now, to the degree that God empowers me, I hope to be an accurate teacher while remaining faithful to the Bible.