Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jesus Christ, Our Savior

I thought this was a great explanation of the Savior's ability to change our lives.

From www.mormon.org

"Jesus Christ, Our Savior

Building materials are imperfect. Some nails are crooked, some windows aren’t quite square and just about every board is a little curved. When building a home, a carpenter’s job is to form a perfect structure from these imperfect materials—to shape a precise whole out of what were once flawed pieces. A good carpenter will construct a home that can withstand not just everyday wear and tear, but will also stand up to an earthquake and severe storms. A good carpenter builds a home that is structurally sound.

Jesus Christ was a carpenter. Joseph, His father here on earth, was a carpenter, and from a young age Jesus would have learned to recognize the properties of different materials, how to use their strengths and adapt their weaknesses to form perfect creations. We believe that under Heavenly Father’s direction Jesus Christ is also the carpenter of our souls. They know us each individually. They understand our strengths and weaknesses. They know where we came from and what we are capable of becoming, and though we are imperfect, They can help shape us into happy people worthy of the blessings of heaven."

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