Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reading List

After some suggestion from my sister, I thought it might be good to provide a list of reading material for those who are interested in reading more about our beliefs.

Of course the most important thing for a person wanting to understand our beliefs is the Book of Mormon. You can read it, in its' entirety by clicking here.

As I was reading "Preach My Gospel", which is a study guide for missionaries, I came across a list of scriptures from the Book of Mormon that help us to understand certain principles. My personal practice is that whenever I read the scriptures, I first pray for understanding, and for the Holy spirit to guide me and inspire me as I read. I suggest to everyone to do likewise. Here are some ready links for the topics mentioned:

Is there a God? Alma 22

What does Jesus Christ expect of me? 2 Nephi 9

How can a belief in Jesus Christ help me? Alma 36

Is there life after death? Alma 40

What is the purpose of life? Alma 34

Why does God allow evil and suffering to occur?
--2 Nephi 2
--Alma 14:9-11
--Alma 60:13

Does my infant need to be baptized? Moroni 8

Does God know me? Alma 5:38, 58
Does God answer prayers? Enos 1

How can I find peace and joy?
--Mosiah 2
--Mosiah 4

How can my family be happier and more united? Mosiah 2

How can I balance my family and career? 3 Nephi 13

How can I stregnthen my relationship with my spouse? 3 Nephi 14

How can I avoid the evils that threaten my family? Alma 39

How can I avoid sin? Helaman 5

In addition to "The Book of Mormon", I found a site that gives you a preview of an LDS classic, "Jesus The Christ" by James E. Talmage. The original book has something like 800 pages, but gives a very detailed introduction of the life and mission of the Savior. You can read selected pages by clicking here.

Another great LDS classic is, "A Marvelous Work and a Wonder" by Legrand Richards. Once again, this is a preview, so the total number of pages available to read is limited. But I like this method of previewing a book, so that you can get an idea if it is one you really want to read. You can read the selected pages by clicking here.

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