Monday, March 23, 2009

Quote of the Day: John A. Widstoe

Elder John A. Widtsoe

“It is a paradox that men will gladly devote time every day for many years to learn a science or an art; yet will expect to win a knowledge of the gospel, which comprehends all sciences and arts, through perfunctory glances at books or occasional listening to sermons. The gospel should be studied more intensively than any school or college subject. They who pass opinion on the gospel without having given it intimate and careful study are not lovers of truth, and their opinions are worthless” (Evidences and Reconciliations, arr. G. Homer Durham, 3 vols. in 1 [1960], 16–17).


-The Martinez Family- said...

Interesting that you would post something from John Widtsoe. The following quote from him from the book, "A Rational Theory" seems anything but Christian: "God, the supreme Power, cannot conceivably originate matter; he can only organize matter. Neither can he destroy matter; he can only disorganize it. God is the Master, who, because of his great knowledge, knows how to use the elements, already existing, for the building of whatever he may have in mind. The doctrine that God made the earth or man from nothing becomes, therefore, an absurdity."

Delirious said...

I don't find that quote odd at all. We believe it is a principle of heaven that matter can neither be created or destroyed. It merely takes a different form. We believe that God organized this earth from pre-existing materials. How is that un-Christian? We believe that Jesus Christ created the world, and is the Savior of the world. Therefore, we are Christian.

I do find it very interesting that you are so interested in researching Mormon doctrine when you clearly are anti-Mormon. My hope is that maybe you will learn some truths along the way.

-The Martinez Family- said...

To believe that God is "unable" to do something seems un-Christian to me. The term "Christian" means: "of, pertaining to, or derived from Jesus Christ or His teachings: a Christian faith." The Bible teaches that with God, ALL things are possible. I believe that includes creating or destroying matter if he so chooses. To say that I am "anti-mormon" would be unfair since you don't even know me. Is it just because I speak out openly against the church? Is that what makes me "anti-mormon"?

Delirious said...

The word "anti" means against. So I think you have defined perfectly your position with our church.

I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe He is the Savior of the world. I believe He created this world. I believe that only through Him can we be saved. That makes me a Christian.

-The Martinez Family- said...

My only question to you is this: Do you believe that God can do anything?

Delirious said...

This reminds me of the question that kids often ask; "Do you believe God can create a salsa so hot He couldn't eat it?" You are asking a question that is based on mortal understanding, so I'm not sure either of us can truly answer it.

I believe that God is all powerful. But I also believe that God works by a set of laws. One such law is that He cannot lie. If He lies, He ceases to be God. Can He, in reality, lie? Yes, He could, but He won't. He has the ability to lie, but chooses not to. He is also bound by other laws. I don't understand all of them yet, but I'm sure that some have to do with creation.

So now we are getting in to the nitty gritty, of which neither you nor I can answer. There is much about the creation of the world that neither you nor I know. We simply aren't given enough information. It's enough for me to know that Jesus Christ created this world, and that He is the Savior of mankind. But I do stand by Br. Widstoe, and also current revelation. If you let a puddle of water sit long enough in the sun, it will dry up and no longer be in the form of water. It will still be in existence, but in a different form. So it hasn't really been destroyed, only changed.

There are many questions about the world's theory of evolution that could probably be answered, such as the dating of the earth, if we simply looked at the possibility that God used materials already in existence to form this earth.

The question in my mind isn't so much about how powerful God is, but whether or not He can reveal additional information to prophets today. If He can, then it doesn't seem odd that Br. Widstoe could teach us more than we previously knew about the creation.

-The Martinez Family- said...

Who created the materials/elements that God used to create the world? If you don't believe that God created the world out of nothing, who or what started it all? You have to have a first cause. To me it is simple. Yes, God CAN do ANYTHING. To say that he can not is putting limits on God...which means he is not an all powerful God.

Delirious said...

To ask who created the elements is like asking "Who created God?". We simply do not have the answers to these questions. The Bible doesn't give any information on this subject. It doesn't tell us what you have declared as your belief. The Bible doesn't tell us how the matter was orginated. The Bible simply says that God created the Earth. So for you to declare that we aren't Christians, simply because we don't agree with your beliefs, which aren't supported in the Bible, is quite unfair.

We, however, do believe in an open canon, that God can and does speak today. We believe that He will continue to reveal great and important things to us as needed. We believe in living prophets, and I, for one, am thankful for the modern guidance and knowledge they give us.

-The Martinez Family- said...

Yes, the Bible does say that God created the Earth. Didn't you say that you believe that Jesus created the Earth? I know that this subject could go on for hours and hours, but I won't take up all the space on your blog...feel free to email me: