Sunday, July 13, 2008

Protect Marriage

Here is a website in support of traditional marriage. I hope you will check it out and support this ammendment when it goes on the ballot. Click here for the website.


Vitallywell said...

Knowing your salvation and what is truly important is a great stress reducer. Worry of less important things is a waste of time and your health due to the effects of stress on the body. Keep in mind that "all is well" if you have accepted your place in the kingdom of God.

Max said...


I agree with that Marriage should be protected!
I am not against gay couples having the same rights as heterosexual ones (insurance, pension, IRS benefits, adopting kids etc etc), and the Lord knows I view them as human beings, even before looking at them as gays; however we cannot allow society to tell children that marrying people of the same sex is normal, when it is not.

Marriage is for women and men; and gays should just live together like so many heterosexuals have been doing lately!