Thursday, July 31, 2008

Prayer of the Walking Child

My brother sang this song in church last week to celebrate Pioneer day. You can hear a portion of the tune here. (click on Prayer of the walking child).

Can you hear me
Will you listen to me for a while
Please, can you make the day warm
The sun will dry the dewy grass
And all will be well

And Father
Make my steps a little larger
I’ll try not to fall behind
Also bless my shoes
To help them last another mile or so

I’m so hungry
I’ve had nothing to eat for a while
Please, can you fill our grain barrel
Mother can make a flour cake
And all will be well

But Father
When the food is gone, forgive me
I’ll try hard not to complain
Also, bless my mother
Dry her tears and help her smile again

I’m so weary
Can I stop and rest here for a while
Please keep the cold from blowing
Bring on the night, so I can dream
And all will be well

But Father
If I sleep too long, forgive me
Wake me up, don’t leave me behind
But, if sleep still keeps me
Father in your arms please carry me home

And all will be well
All will be well
All is well


Nene said...

After I got home from vacation, this song went through my head for days and days. It's so beautiful and haunting. I love it! I need to go buy it on cd. I also want the piano music. I left my copied version at mom's.

Anonymous said...
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