Friday, July 6, 2012

Inside the Holiest Room in an LDS Temple

The following clip is from a Barbara Walters special about how different religions view the afterlife. Although this is a short clip, I thought it explained our position well. This is a great chance to see inside one of our temples.

Just as with our view of the heaven where God dwells, not everyone is allowed to enter the temple. Usually there is an open house before a temple is dedicated for church use. During the open house, the general public is invited to tour the temple. But once it is dedicated, only those who meet qualifications for worthiness are allowed to enter.
The temple is filled with symbolism, and one of the great symbolisms we find is the very principle that only those who are found worthy are allowed to enter. This mirrors our view of the highest heaven. We believe that each of us will be judged by how we lived our lives, and will be allowed to enter the heaven of which we have been found worthy. That worthiness is acquired through repentance, which is only available through the atonement of Jesus Christ.

One thing that struck me in watching this video is that although the temple is a very beautiful place, there is nothing that you could see from the video that shows the true nature of the spiritual experience to be had there. This is because our worship there is a private matter, and is based more on our own personal attention and reverence, than on some outward performances. So although the video may show merely a beautiful room, it doesn't show the many prayers that are silently offered there, or the meaningful thoughts of our Savior that are experienced.

The temple, and what goes on inside isn't meant to be a secret kept from all, but is a sacred experience that can only be appreciated by those who are fully prepared, and in a spiritual state that would allow them to gain from the experience. That is why there are standards for worthiness required for those who want to enter. But all are invited to achieve those standards, and all who do will be given the opportunity to enter.

I hope you enjoy a few peaks at one of the holiest places on earth:

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