Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quote of the Day: Elder Marion G. Romney

Elder Marion G. Romney:

“Satan is evil: totally and always. He ever seeks to defeat the gospel plan and ‘destroy the souls of men.’ ( D&C 10:27 .) . . .

“Satan is irrevocably committed to countering and overcoming the influence of the Spirit of Christ. . . .

“Satan’s methods are various, devious, and countless.

“‘. . . by every possible means he seeks to darken the minds of men and then offers them falsehood and deception in the guise of truth. Satan is a skillful imitator. . . .’ (Joseph F. Smith in Daniel H. Ludlow, Latter-day Prophets Speak [Bookcraft, 1948], pp. 20–21.)

“At the opening of every dispensation he has made a frontal attack against the advent of truth” (in Conference Report, Apr. 1971, 24; or Ensign, June 1971, 36 ).


Livingsword said...

Hi D,

I thought I would just beam over to say “hi”, how are you?

Delirious said...

Hi LS, I"m entering in to the "busy season" now that seminary has started back up. I have a companion teacher, so I only teach every other week now, but on the weeks off I'm usually trying to catch up. lol I feel bad that I have neglected this blog a bit in recent months, but teaching seminary always gives me plenty of ideas during the school year. :) How's things over on your side of the blogosphere?

Livingsword said...

Hey its good to “hear” your voice!

I hear you on the busy season, the summer was actually quite hectic for us, I’m thankful we are going to Barcelona in 8 days or so. LOL so you will be working less but it will take more work to keep up! It is just like getting ready for vacation :) It is nice to be active and feeling part of the community etc isn’t it…If anything we are busy than ever over the past two years, impossible to keep up and the past six months we can’t hire qualified people fast enough we are having to turn down business (I’m praying the States will also pick up, perhaps the election will help, over time)…

Hmmm our end of the blogosphere is starting to move past the usual summer slowdown (if you mean actually blogging) and is starting to get some heavy traffic (Survivor Nicaragua...well it brings in a lot of traffic that then looks at other things, I use it as a catalyst, our political blog has been a nice surprise LOL You would probably agree with most of the things I say there! No I am not trying to lure you! LOL).

I have been awful at replying to people this summer since we were away and I am also writing a book so that takes some time (we had a couple of weeks off in Oregon which was fantastic, one week in the desert and another along the coast, we like Oregon but we love Utah’s gorgeous topography).

Have you been to Spain, any tips?