Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Book of Mormon: Artifact or Artifice?

Recently in church I mentioned that a fellow blogger, Looney, had said he looked at the Book of Mormon as Christian fiction, similar to Lord of the Rings. Some weeks later, I received, from someone who had heard what I said, a hard copy of a symposium talk given by Orson Scott Card about this very subject. For those who don't know who Orson Scott Card is, he is a very talented and well published science fiction author who is a member of our church. My family loves his book, "Ender's Game". In this speech that he gave, he gives his own reasoning for why the Book of Mormon cannot have been just simple fiction. Most importantly, he gives his own testimony about how the Book of Mormon has influenced his life, and how the spirit has testified to him of its truthfulness. I found this article to be fascinating, and I appreciate his view, being a fiction writer himself.
You can click here to read the entire article "The Book of Mormon--Artifact or Artifice".

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