Thursday, November 13, 2008

Unseen forces

When I saw this picture, I was pleased to see officers of the law protecting our sacred temple from violent protestors. But the thought that came to my mind was that there are unseen forces also keeping watch.

Some protestors made threats about burning down the temple. I might caution them that God might allow them to do this so that His judgements could then come justly down upon them. I know that for Christians, to tempt God is a silly idea. But for those who know not God, they can't imagine the consequences for such behavior.

When we were campaigning for the elimination of same sex marriage, those in favor of it asserted that we were guilty of bigotry and hate crimes. But it is clear that by targeting our church, which was only one of many in a coalition of churches, they are guilty of the very thing of which they accused us. I read that something like 75% of the black population in California voted in favor of Prop. 8. It's interesting that those opposed to Prop. 8 aren't attacking the black population because of their support of this proposition. Is it now politically correct to attack Mormons? And what about the Catholics, and Baptists, and Jews, and other religions that also supported the elimination of same sex marriage?

So I put the question out to you. Why do you think the opponents of Prop. 8 are targeting the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints with their protests?

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Looney said...

Rick Warren's Saddleback Church is being protested too. I think the rage is a bit more general, but perhaps LDS stands a bigger target. The failure to target the Black churches, however, strikes me as wildly hypocritical.

One thing I find positive in this is that the Black community was influenced by their pastors. Sadly, much of the non-Black community has pastors who preach a conflicting message.